'I hope he comes back...'- Ex Indian Cricket Board selector speaks on controversial statements about Virat Kohli

Ex-Indian cricket board selector turns back from the controversial statements on Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly he had made earlier. Looking forward to Kohli's comeback in the future as well.

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The board of selectors have one of the toughest jobs to do for the Indian Cricket Board where they are said to be in charge of building the team. There is always a big discussion whether which player should be in the national side and which one should not. There might also be some tough decisions they have to make in the long run as well which might not sit well with some spectators and experts of the sport. However, we must respect the decision of these people who go through a lot in building a champion team for the future series or tournaments.

There are a lot of cricketers who have either been dropped at least once in their whole career due to many issues, but in this era, there is one player who has not faced that in his entire career and it is none other than Virat Kohli. Virat had started his career in 2008 and from there has been one of the biggest legends of Indian cricket right now. He is currently taking a break from the sport in the ongoing series against England and will not feature in the 1st two Tests. There are still fans who will be waiting for him to finally return and score some big runs against a side which he enjoys playing against as well.

Chetan Sharma’s turns from his statements

Before Ajit Agarkar took the responsibility it was Chetan Sharma who took the role as chairmen of selectors for the national side, however he had got into some problems when he got stuck in an unfortunate sting operation talking about the clash between Virat and ex-president Sourav Ganguly during his tenure. This put him in a negative limelight, where he also gave some negative remarks on the legendary batter. Chetan has recently talked about this issue on News24 where he turned from his statement completely saying that Kohli is like his son. He also added that he is looking forward to him coming back saying “I hope he comes back and scores centuries to reach the 100-ton mark in international cricket”.

This could be the former cricketer finally respecting what Virat has done for the team, or just a way to improve his image in front of the media. We will never know the story behind this change at all seeing the issues that were built earlier. This was already a shock to everyone when these statements were made earlier from one of the best pace bowlers in the 80’s as well. We don’t know what the plans of Chetan Sharma are after completely turning back from what he said earlier in the sting operation and we hope he is in the right frame of mind.

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