Gautam Gambhir picks these two teams as best rivals over India and Pakistan

Former world champion Gautam Gambhir choses another rivalry over India and Pakistan saying the India- Pakistan rivalry has lost its charm recently. Bold statement by the ex cricketer.

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Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir (Image Credit: Twitter)

Cricket is a sport that has gone on for centuries and like any other sport, it has its fair share of rivals that have been competing for years as well. These rivalries have gone on for years and have given us some great matches in the past as well. These teams are termed as rivals not only because of the great matches but also the drama that they create as well. There have been a lot of famous rivalries in the past whether it is the Ashes rivalry where Australia and England go head to head in a 5 match Test series or the West Indies and England in the 80s that have had a lot of drama and eye-catching matches, where the West Indies fast bowling unit went against some of the best England batters.

However, the one rivalry the people look forward to is the Indo-Pakistan rivalry, where both these South Asian giants go head to head. There have been a lot of historic matches between these two sides which are remembered for centuries. No cricket fan has forgotten the winning six off Chetan Sharma by Javed Miandad to win against India or the iconic catch of Sreesanth at short fine leg that led to India being the inaugural T20 World Cup champions. These teams' rivalry might be reduced to only major International or continental tournaments right now, but their rivalry still holds a place in the people's hearts.

Gautam Gambhir’s pick

The two-time time World Champion and star batter Gautam Gambhir was also asked this question while speaking on Star Sports and replied that the rivalry between India and Pakistan has lost its charm and picked another rivalry he feels is better right now saying “India and Australia, from a cricketing point of view, is a top rivalry. If you ask a cricket fan what actual rivalry is, they will also say India and Australia.” Saying this the former player also said that India is far superior to Pakistan in all three formats and supported his statement by stating

“Pakistan has dominated India a lot of times. Currently, if you see the level of both teams, India is far superior to Pakistan in all three formats. If Pakistan defeats India it's an upset, if India defeats Pakistan, it's very much a given." This is a very bold statement by Gambhir, who might be hurting some feelings with this statement, but we cannot say he is wrong about how the India and Australia rivalry has panned out recently with India winning two back-to-Test series down under and Aussies getting the better of them in the World Test Championship final and the 2023 ODI World Cup.

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