Hardik Pandya gives stern reply to comments on social media ahead of IPL 2024

Hardik pandya gives a straight forward reply to fans who are revolting against him on social media ahead of the IPL 2024 season. Says does not bother about these comments at all.

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Hardik Pandya

The Indian Premier League(IPL) 2024 is going to take place from the 22nd of March. The biggest topic regarding the league will be the Mumbai Indians. It came as a shock to the fans when Hardik Pandya was traded back to his former side after playing for Gujarat Titans for the last two seasons. The fans were even more upset after the Mumbai Indians and their 5-time IPL title-winning skipper Rohit Sharma. It will be Hardik Pandya who will be leading the side going into the season.

There has been a lot of negative media towards the India star all-rounder on social media. This is mainly about the comments he has made before as well. Hardik Pandya has been trolled on social media by everyone including the MI fans. This has caused a lot of drama regarding the cricketer already. It will also be hard for him to come back after missing a lot of big series after being left out from the Australia and South Africa series as well.

Hardik answers these comments

Many unknown facets have been floating all around regarding Hardik. He has openly commented on a chat show towards the revolting fans saying “One thing my fans don't know about me is that I don't go out. I am a homeboy. I have hardly been out in the last three to four years; the only occasions I have stepped out is when it has been unavoidable, something happened with my friends. I like to stay at home.”

After this interview, the fans saw him drive a supercar. Hardik went on to say that a friend had given it to him for a Test drive. When this went viral Hardik gave another straight reply saying “ Main kabhi media mein comment karta nahi hu, to maine kabhi kia nahi, na mereko fadak padta hai (I don't comment in media, I have never done it, it does not bother me)." These words insinuate that the 30-year-old 5-time IPL champion has chosen to ignore the fans, who are commenting on his life right now.

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