Former Pakistan cricketer explains why Virat Kohli is miles ahead of the game

Former Pakistan skipper explains on his Youtube channel on why Virat Kohli is miles ahead of the game. All praises from the cricketer proves how much impact he has on the game.

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Virat Kohli (Source - Twitter)

India have produced a lot of famous cricketers in the game of cricket and has had a rich history in the game of cricket. There are some players who have been successful and some who have failed to make it big on the big stage, but there are only a few players who have broken the barriers and whose names are relevant even at the end of their careers. These players are certified legends who have broken barriers and have achieved the unachievable in International cricket. The story and the rise of these sportsmen in the game have been close to the hearts of cricket fans all over the world.

One of those players in the modern era is none other than Virat Kohli, who is currently one of the best batters for India right now. With over 26000 runs in International cricket, the 35-year-old batter is right now the 2nd highest runs scorer for India in International cricket. Known for his flawless technique and ability to score runs for fun shows why he is one of the most feared batters for any bowler. He has been one of the most consistent batters for Indian cricket in all formats where he is averaging over 50 in most of them. There are many reasons to praise Kohli not only for his talent but also for his knowledge and work ethic which a lot of players idolise.

Salman Butt’s views on king

Former Pakistan skipper Salman Butt has also praised Virat Kohli for all his achievements right now. While speaking on his Youtube channel there was nothing but praise for the star from Butt saying “Everything from his attitude to concentration to work ethic to preparation to attention to detail, everything is top-notch. Have you ever heard him speak? If you see his clips, you will know the kind of in-depth knowledge of himself and the game he has." this is the perfect explanation by the former player on how Kohli approaches the game and why he is successful.

Butt also added more on why the likes of players are really hard to find further stating “He is not a normal human. He is a proper World No. 1. There are just two players in the world with such performances to their names, and he might be the No. 1 to have ever played the game in the coming years. So, we are not talking about any international player; he is THE player." With so much praise coming from one of the most experience campaigners from Pakistan, it shows why Kohli is known as the King and has a big impact on the game.

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