Former IPL mystery bowler makes shocking revelations about his ex-girlfriend in viral online video

Cricket News: Karnataka cricketer KC Cariappa, well-known for his time in the IPL with KKR and RR, has published a video online where he exposes his ex-girlfriend involved in substance abuse and filed a complaint with Bengaluru Police for harassing him.

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KC Cariappa exposes his ex-girlfriend

In a shocking event in the cricketing sphere, Karnataka cricketer KC Cariappa, renowned for unique bowling action and his time with the Kolkata Knight Riders, Punjab Kings (formerly Kings XI Punjab), and Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going through a tough time in his personal life because of a controversy with his ex-girlfriend. The 29-year-old leg-spinner from Karnataka had put up his name in the 2024 IPL Auctions but went unsold.

Amidst all the chaos Cariappa has taken a drastic measure by releasing a video purportedly showcasing his ex-girlfriend engaged in drug use. The 29-year-old leg-spinner has also, asserted that her ex-girlfriend is not only involved in drug use but also excessive drinking.

On the contrary, his girlfriend has retaliated in the whole saga and accused Cariappa of making her pregnant and pressuring her into an abortion by providing her with abortion pills. Simultaneously, she has also alleged the cricketer's involvement in drug use. These conflicting narratives have created a complex web that the Bengaluru police are diligently investigating.

Bengaluru Police's Response

Bengaluru Police Commissioner B Dayananda, addressing the media, stated that the content of the video is under examination, and procedural implications are being carefully considered. The police are also probing the source of the drugs and details of any potential drug peddler involved. The Commissioner emphasized that actions will be taken based on concrete evidence, ensuring a thorough and just investigation.

KC Cariappa's Side of the Story

Cariappa, in his statement to the police, revealed that he decided to end the relationship due to his ex-girlfriend's alleged struggles with drug addiction, alcoholism, and promiscuity. The cricketer vehemently denied the accusations put forth by her ex-girlfriend including forced abortion and has sought police help after alleging that his ex-girlfriend threatened to ruin his cricketing career. The woman, who had filed a case against him a year ago, has reportedly extended her threats to include Cariappa's family members.

Apart from having played in the IPL KC Cariappa has featured in 13 List A matches and 45 T20 games and his future cricketing career is expected to take a massive hit because of the entire controversy.

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