Andhra Cricket Association claims 'letter of support' for Hanuma Vihari was signed under threat

Andhra Pradesh Cricket Association claims a letter of support for Hanuma Vihari was signed under threat. The drama continues between the Border-Gavaskar hero and the organization.

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Hanuma Vihari and Andhra Cricket Association (Image Source: Twitter)

There are a lot of problems going on between the Andhra Cricket Association(ACA) and Hanuma Vihari right now. The whole drama started with Vihari, who was being ousted from the captaincy position, despite giving great performances and maintaining a great record. The 30-year-old batting all-rounder had claimed that he was forced to resign due to an altercation with a player, who was one of a politician. Vihari had also recently stated that he does not wish to play for Andhra going forward.

There was also a lot of support for  Hanuma Vihari all around. The Andhra players had also signed a letter of support in his name as well. Even Tollywood superstar Pawan Kalyan had given his support towards the Sydney Test hero. This also has created a lot of backlash between the ACA and the fans, who were forcing the organization to change their decision. The situation has already spread deeper than it should have making this a huge controversy.

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The ACA has finally released the statement regarding the choice of removing Vihari from captaincy saying “ Hanuma Vihari has alleged that despite all the players in the team supporting him to continue as the captain, he was removed. In this regard, the concerned players have complained to the Andhra Cricket Association against Vihari.” With this, they have claimed that the letter of support was signed under threat by the players. They also brought up issues stating that Vihari had a terrible rapport among the team members as well.

The ACA has made a lot of claims against the former captain. This has led to mixed reactions from the fans as well, with some believing the story and others thinking it is a stunt. The ACA has also suggested that they will go to the Indian Cricket Board regarding this issue as well. This is certainly a bad look for a well-respected and experienced player in Hanuma Vihari and the ACA. They will want these problems to be solved as soon as possible.

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