WATCH: The Great Khali tries his hands in Cricket, hits a powerful shot

This isn't his first time with cricket, having appeared in videos during the 2023 World Cup. Fans are loving the clip, praising his enthusiasm and jokingly calling him a "secret weapon" for the Indian team.

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The Great Khali (Source - X)

Dalip Singh Rana, better known as the towering figure of "The Great Khali," carved a unique path in professional wrestling. From his imposing 7-foot-1 frame to his thunderous Punjabi entrance, Khali's achievements transcended the squared circle, making him a global icon.

His journey began in India, where he served as a police officer before transitioning to wrestling. Joining WWE in 2006, he debuted as an unstoppable force, defeating established names like The Undertaker and The Big Show. This dominance culminated in 2007, when Khali became the first Indian-born World Heavyweight Champion, capturing hearts and sparking celebrations across his home country.

In 2021, Khali's contributions were recognized with an induction into the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame. Khali's story is one of grit, determination, and cultural pride. He shattered barriers, proving that size and origin can't limit success. He remains a beloved figure, inspiring aspiring wrestlers and leaving an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling.

Khali was spotted playing cricket!

The internet is buzzing after a video surfaced showing Khali taking a swing at cricket and hitting the ball for a decent distance, despite barely connecting with the bat. The clip showcases Khali's imposing figure casually holding a cricket bat as the bowler delivers. What unfolds next is pure entertainment: the ball makes minimal contact with the bat, yet soars down the field, propelled by Khali's raw power.

This isn't Khali's first brush with the sport. Last year, the WWE Hall of Famer was spotted in quite a few videos released by the Apex Cricket Council during the 2023 Cricket World Cup. The video has struck a chord with fans online. Comments highlight the sheer entertainment value of seeing Khali's strength translated into an unexpected display of cricketing power. Some jokingly dub him a "secret weapon" for the Indian team, while others commend his enthusiasm for the sport.

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