'Virat Kohli changed the thinking of India in Test cricket' - Arun Lal sheds light on Virat's captaincy

Arun Lal, the former India cricketer has praised Virat Kohli for his incredible captaincy record in Tests.

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Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli: (Image Source: Twitter)

Arun Lal, the former India cricketer, has come in support of the star-batter Virat Kohli for his captaincy record in Tests. In an interview with Jagran TV, he heaped praise on Virat Kohli saying that it was him who laid the road for changing the attitude on the field. He added that to draw a Test was once considered a win but Virat Kohli changed that mindset.

He further added that the attitude to win every Test was introduced by Virat Kohli. The former Test captain holds the record of being the first Asian captain to win a Test series in Australia against Australia. Arun Lal praised the talismanic batter for the same.

"Virat Kohli changed the thinking of India in Test cricket. There was a time when winning in Tests was considered once you secured yourself a draw. He changed the mindset of the team and made the team play for a win without the fear of losing," said Arun Lal. And this opinion did receive a positive response, as Virat has managed to win tests in SENA countries.

Arun Lal also praised Rishabh Pant for his fearless attitude and predicted that he might lead India soon. In the same interview, the former India cricketer told that Rishabh has all the qualities to lead India when the time comes. Arun Lal is not the only one to praise Virat for his Test captaincy. Many former cricketers and legends of the game consider him to be the best Test captain in the history of India Test cricket.

The former Test captain and star-batter brings aggressive intent to the team. Virat Kohli has won 16 matches overseas out of 68 matches he captained. He has a win percentage of 58.82% and is above all the former Test captains in terms of records. Fans are hoping that the future captains could replicate the same.