Top five craziest celebrations in the history of cricket ever

Cricket is a game of celebrations. There is a celebration for almost everything. Bravo's champion dance, Imran Tahir's running and more.

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Imran Tahir's running celebration

Imran Tahir's running celebration (Image Source: Twitter)

Cricket is a game of celebrations. There is a celebration for almost everything. Also, it is one of those skills that make a player or a team stand out. Most of the players have their way of celebrating a win, a catch, a century, or a wicket. 

It does add a lot of attraction to the game and the player as well. The game of cricket has seen some of the craziest celebrations ever. Unlike Football, Cricket celebrations can be funny that can make people giggle a bit.

Here is our pick for the five craziest celebrations in Cricket:

1) Imran Tahir’s running celebration:

Imran Tahir Imran Tahir's running celebration (Image Source: Twitter)

Imran Tahir is ageless when it comes to celebrations. The 43-year-old gets better with age and he is famous for something other than his top-class bowling. The South African used to run after picking a wicket. 

Tahir used to raise his hands and run as long as he can after picking a scalp. The spin bowler almost used to run away to the boundary and the team members had to wait for him to return most of the time. But it made him a superstar. And he became famous for his celebration too. 

2) Kesrick Williams’ notebook send-off: 

Kesrick Williams Kesrick Williams' notebook send-off (Image Source: Twitter)

Kesrick Williams came up with a unique celebration in the domestic league of the Caribbean. The bowler used to represent an act as if he is writing the name of the batter who got out to him. And it went viral right from day one he came up with it. 

One of the famous incidents came up when he did the same to Chadwick Walton. And when the latter faced him the next time, returned the taste of Williams’ medicine. After every boundary he scored of Williams’ delivery, Walton turned his bat into a notebook and wrote his name. Another incident was when Indian legend Virat Kohli did the same to Kesrick Williams. 

3) DJ Bravo’s champion dance: 

DJ Bravo DJ Bravo's champion dance (Image Source: Twitter)

West Indian players are known for their unique celebration. Former West Indian legend Ian Bishop acknowledged the same when the West Indies team won the 2016 20-20 World Cup. DJ Bravo used to celebrate his wicket with a champion dance. 

‘Champion’ is a song composed by him and the steps used went viral right away. And the ‘Champion’ all-rounder started using it after picking up wickets on the field. The crowds joined him at times too. 

4) Tabraiz Shamsi’s magic:

Tabraiz Shamsi Tabraiz Shamsi's magic (Image Source: Twitter)

Tabraiz Shamsi is one of the most reputed spinners of white-ball cricket of late. The South African spinner once celebrated his wicket by doing magic. It was the first time, the cricketing world witnessed such a celebration. 

Shamsi picked up a piece of cloth that he had in his hands and held it up high. And within seconds, the crowd witnessed the cloth transforming into a magic wand. 

5) Shikhar Dhawan’s thigh five:

Shikhar Dhawan Shikhar Dhawan's thigh five (Image Source: Twitter)

Shikhar Dhawan is one of the most reliable openers for India in the ODI format. The batter used to have a minimal celebration whenever he reached the three-figure mark. However, he had a celebration to make up for it while fielding. 

As and when he takes a catch, Shikhar Dhawan used to give the crowd a thigh-five. And it was well-received by the crowd as they started mimicking him at times. To add a cherry to the cake, many players also started mimicking him. 

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