'The question was inappropriate': Ramiz Raja clears the air over phone snatching-incident post the Asia Cup 2022 final

Ramiz Raja has opened up on the phone snatching incident that took place post the conclusion of the Asia Cup 2022 finals.

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Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja (Image Source: Twitter)

Ramiz Raja Ramiz Raja (Image Source: Twitter)

The Asia Cup 2022 turned out to be a great one for the Pakistan team. Except for the first and the final match, the team won every match that they played in the tournament. However, one might get frustrated as the two matches that they lost were the most important ones in the tournament.

Ramiz Raja, the chairman of the board, was not happy with the team after they lost in the final against Sri Lanka. Post the conclusion of the match, Ramiz Raja had a heated exchange with an Indian reporter. The former cricketer further went on to snatch the phone from the journalist and it led to a lot of backlash on social media and from the general public. 

However, after almost a week, the chairman of the board explained the incident. During a Q&A session on the board's YouTube channel, Ramiz Raja said that the journalist made a proactive statement. The 60-year-old further highlighted the journalist’s intent while stating that he was miles away from Pakistan. 

“He was miles away from Pakistan, so there was no way he could've known the disappointment of the nation after Pakistan's loss in the final,” Ramiz Raja said on the board's YouTube channel while hosting the show ‘Fans Forum With Ramiz’. 

The question that he asked was inappropriate: Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja further said that the journalist asked an inappropriate question and it was unwanted. He further expressed his anger on the question and said that it was proactive with the wrong intent. 

“The question that he asked was inappropriate. The point behind me telling him that was he said that all Pakistanis were disappointed with their cricket team. How did he know that? Because he was some 2000 miles away from Pakistan. It was completely a provocative statement," Ramiz Raja said further. 

Fans from both nations would hope for the issue to end at the earliest. The players, on the other hand, have always been friendly albeit they fight it hard on the ground. India -Pakistan rivalry is always considered to be a high-voltage one and it has now come to an extreme point. 

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