'Terrible way to finish' - Stuart Broad slams Deepti Sharma for her runout at the non-striker's end

Stuart Broad slammed Deepti Sharma for her controversial runout at the non-striker's end while fans hit back saying it was legal.

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Stuart Broad, Deepti Sharma

Stuart Broad, Deepti Sharma (Image Source: Twitter)

Stuart Broad, Deepti Sharma Stuart Broad, Deepti Sharma (Image Source: Twitter)

Indian women are under the radar for various reasons since their win at Lord’s on Saturday (September 24). Deepti Sharma finished things off for India with her runout at the non-striker’s end. However, the debate started right away and fans were left puzzled by the incident.

As one could expect, the incident sparked a lot of debate and the English cricketers started slamming Deepti Sharma for the same. Stuart Broad was one of the earliest to come up with the tweet and he called the win ‘terrible’. “A run out? Terrible way to finish the game,” he tweeted while replying to Cricket’s governing body.

This was not it as the frustrated bowler kept ranting about the incident on Twitter. The crowd at Lord's had to boo at the Indian women for doing something which was well within the rules. Fans on Twitter recalled England's victory in the 2019 50-over World Cup and pointed out that England won on the basis of boundary count. The Indian fans backed Deepti Sharma and recalled Ben Stokes' incident from the finals.

Stuart Broad then pointed out that it might be a great match had it ended in a fair way. However, one must agree that Cricket's governing body ruled it legal not so long ago.

"Was setting up to be such a fun finish for the fans. Entertainment," the pacer tweeted in reply to a user.

I find the debate interesting: Stuart Broad

Further, Stuart Broad tweeted that he found the debate interesting and also acknowledged the fact that most of them are agreeing that it is legal.

"I find the debate of the Mankad really interesting. So many views from either side. I personally wouldn’t like to win a match like that, also, very happy for others to feel differently," he tweeted about Deepti Sharma's controversial runout.

Sam Billings, the batter from England and Tim Bresnan are some of the other guys who tweeted against Deepti Sharma. Much to the surprise of Indian fans, Alex Hales backed the bowler and said that the non-striker must stay within the crease.

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