Rohan Bopanna and Matthew Ebden reach Australian Open finals

Rohan Bopanna and Matthew Ebden make the finals in the Men's double category in the Australian Open. The Indo-Australian duo is about to create history in the tennis world.

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Indo-Australian magic

Rohan Bopanna and Matthew Ebden (Source: Twitter)

The Australian Open is in the full flow not only in the singles edition where the likes of Novak Djokovic are looking for his 25th Grand Slam, but the doubles as well which is featuring some of the best players as well. This is where Tennis becomes a team sport where you have to trust your partner during the whole match. This is an underrated edition in the tournament which has still given us some great matches. The singles category might be the category which might be the most watched in any grand slam, but the doubles are not far away as well.

The players to watch right now in the men’s double are Rohan Bopanna and Matthew Ebden. This Indo-Australian duo have exceeded everyone’s expectations in the competition so far.  Bopanna might only have one Grand Slam to his name, but is still one of the best Tennis players from India, who has been performing well in the doubles category Matthew Ebden has been equally impressive and has got 2 grand slams to his name. Together they have been impressive in this tournament showing great chemistry as team mates.

Bopanna and Eden make it to the Finals

This will be Bopanna’s second and Ebden’s third final in the Australian Open and they will be ready to compete in the final game against the Italian duo Simone Bolleli and Andrea Vavassori. They have reached the final after a gruelling game against the second-seeded duo Zhang Zhizhen and Tomas Machac. The first set saw the duo winning the first set 6-3 taking the lead in the game, but Zhizhen and Machac came back and won the second set 3-6. The final set was an intense tiebreaker between the two teams where Bopanna and Ebden finally came out on top winning it 10-7.

The duo has been incredible in this game and will have a lot of support in the final considering that Ebden will be playing at home and Bopanna being a fan favourite and world number one. This will be a great moment for the Indian tennis fans as well who will want Bopanna to win a Grand Slam after a long wait. The duo of the Aussie and Indian will be looking to create history in the finals and win this grand slam. All eyes will be on these two when they go up against the Italian giants in the final of the Men’s double for the Australian Open.

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