Pakistan's young Fast Bowler attempts Suicide in Hyderabad

A young Pakistan cricketer in Qasimabad, Hyderabad (Sindh), attempted suicide by cutting his wrist on Wednesday.

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Pakistan's young Fast Bowler attempts Suicide in Hyderabad

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The world of cricket is full of several highs and lows for its devotees. While some players are able to step high on the ladder of success and reach new heights every day, some are left behind on this road to glory. In a country of millions only a few chosen ones are selected to play at the highest level.

The life of cricketers may seem easy from the outside as the players get to do what they love. But life isn’t a fairy-tale for everyone. Not everyone who picks up a ball or bat in his life is able to realize his dreams. And when these dreams don’t come true, players end up in a dark world of self-doubt and misery which can lead to dire consequences. Recently, one such incident has come to light where a young fast bowler from Qasimabad, Hyderabad has attempted suicide by cutting his wrist on Wednesday.

Shoaib was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition. According to his family, Shoaib was dejected as he was not selected by his coach in the team that was set to play a tournament at Niaz Stadium, Hyderabad through the support of Pakistan Cricket Board.

Pakistani reporter Ali Hamza Zaidi, who is working on this story said,

“His family, friends and the people who knew him, claimed that he was a laborious guy. He was supposed to be selected on the back of merit in PCB organized tournament. This tournament is set to be played in Hyderabad’s Niaz Stadium.”

“Shoaib’s coach didn’t select him because of a personal ego issue and also argued with the youngster. So, he happened to cut his wrist at his home, his family, friends and fellow players are very concerned about him as he is currently in very critical condition,” Zaidi added further in the conversation.

Shoaib was first taken to the civil hospital of Hyderabad but was later shifted to a private hospital of Karachi when his condition became critical.

In a further update to the Indian sources, it has been revealed that Shoaib was the part of PCB’s further plans in the domestic cricket. But his future was being destroyed by his coach, which eventually forced the 17-year-old to end his life.

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