Former Pakistan superstar complaints of harassment to family by senior police official during PSL match, gets it resolved on social media

Mohammed Amir revealed that the during a PSL match, Deputy Commissioner of Police misbehaved with his family and ejected them out of the stadium. Amir tagged the Punjab province’s minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif to take necessary action on this matter.

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Former Pakistan bowler's family harassed during PSL match Source: 'Twitter'

Mohammad Amir who is fondly remembered by his fans for his breathtaking spell against India in the Champions Trophy finals has made some shocking revelations on X (formerly Twitter) about the mistreatment of his family members by the Deputy Commissioner of Police during a PSL match in Multan.

Mohammad Amir revealed that the Deputy Commissioner of Police who was present at the stadium during the PSL match misbehaved with his family while claiming to own the ground and ejected them out of the stadium during the match. Amir tagged the Punjab province’s minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif to take necessary action on this matter.

Mohammad Amir tweeted, “Shocked by the unacceptable behaviour of the Deputy Commissioner of Multan, who reportedly mistreated my family, arrogantly claiming ownership of the ground & unjustly ejecting them during a match. This abuse of power is intolerable! Urging authorities for immediate action." 

However, just a day later Amir deleted his old tweet and posted  an updated tweet on the matter where he stated that appropriate action had been taken on the matter by the minister. He even thanked the minister for his swiftness and wished him for his future endeavours. Here is Mohammad Amir’s updated tweet on the matter:

Amir shuns the possibility of his comeback

Mohammad Amir shockingly retired from international cricket in 2020 due to the Pakistan team's management at that time. He originally retired due to what he called unfair treatment from the Pakistan Cricket Board management. 

During a recent interaction, Mohammad Amir was asked about his possible comeback in international cricket. However, he shunned any such possibility, confirming that he won't be returning to international cricket anytime soon.

During the interaction, Mohammad Amir said, “Honestly, straightforward for me this debate is closed. No chance for now. Nobody is certain about life but for me, this (a chance of an international comeback) is no more a question. I have been out of the international circuit for the past three years and I don't think I will be making a comeback."

Mohammad Amir