‘Shame on Shakib’- Fans react as Angelo Mathews provides video evidence to reject fourth umpire’s ‘Timed-out’ decision

Fans express their disapproval of Shakib as Angelo Mathews presents video proof to challenge the fourth umpire's 'Timed-out' call in the BAN vs SL ODI World Cup 2023 game.

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When we talk about the greatest rivalries in Cricket we think of India-Pakistan or Australia-England, but in recent times there’s been a new rivalry building up in the world of Cricket and in terms of intensity, it can be termed one of the fiercest in the recent times and the timed-out fiasco that took place in the World Cup yesterday has added a new and the most controversial chapter yet in the history of Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Cricket.

Sri Lanka’s veteran all-rounder Angelo Matthews was in the thick of things against Bangladesh when he was controversially timed out after Bangladesh skipper Shakib-al-Hasan appealed for it. It all unfolded when Samarwickrama was caught in the deep mid-wicket and Mathews came to the crease. But as soon he arrived at the crease, he realized his helmet strap had come off and he called for a new one.

But while he was doing all, Shaki-al-Hasan appealed for his wicket on account of ‘Timed-Out’ as it was already more than 2 minutes before the last wicket and according to the Timed Out rule, if the new batter is not ready to face his first delivery within 2 minutes of the when the last wicket fell, he can be declared out if the opposition appeals for it.

Mathews took it to “X” formerly known as Twitter to express his disappointment over the whole fiasco and went to challenge the decision of the fourth umpire by uploading proof of the whole incident where he was entering the field and reaching the crease the 5 seconds before the 2-minute deadline. 

In a series of tweets, Matthews expressed his feelings about the whole incident and challenged the fourth umpire’s claim. In the end, he uploaded the video of the whole incident by saying “I rest my case! Here you go you decide.” Here’s the tweet:

The cricketing world stands divided

The whole Timed-Out took the cricketing world by storm and cricket experts to fans all around the world have their say on the issue. While most people went on to question Shakib’s credibility as a Cricketer and brought into light Bangladesh’s lacklustre show when it comes to the ‘Spirit of Cricket’, there were some cricket experts like Harsha Bhogle and Sanjay Manjrekar who tweeted in Shakib’s defence and said that if it’s within the law, Bangladesh is well within their rights to appeal for the wicket.

Here are some of the tweets from the fans on the whole issue:

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