Rachin Ravindra seeks blessings from grandmother in traditional style, video breaks the Internet

Amidst his World Cup heroics and record-breaking achievements, Rachin Ravindra seeks blessings from his Indian grandmother in a traditional manner, and the video goes viral on the Internet.

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Rachin Ravindra (Source: Twitter)

Rachin Ravindra has taken the cricketing world by storm with his stellar performances in the ODI World Cup 2023. The young southpaw from New Zealand from New Zealand has amassed 565 runs in 9 matches so far in the World Cup with 3 centuries against England, Australia and Pakistan.

The Kiwi batter has his roots Bengaluru in India and his parents migrated from India to New Zealand years ago. The young Kiwi batter has got many former players and hundreds of fans awestruck with his mesmerizing stroke play. There have been many talented youngsters in this World Cup but, Ravindra has looked apart from many others.

Ravindra has even broken the record of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar for the most runs scored in the World Cup by any player before the age of 25. Interestingly, Rachin’s family is from Bangalore only and his father was a massive Cricket fan, which is why he named his son which is a clever amalgamation of two Indian cricket greats Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid.

Rachin Ravindra has won Indian hearts with stellar performances in ODI World Cup 2023

Ravindra has become a household name in Bengaluru and got the loudest cheers when he stepped onto the field at the Chinnaswamy Stadium against Pakistan and Sri Lanka and he didn’t disappoint the fans as he hit a scintillating hundred against Pakistan. It felt like despite being a New Zealand national, the Indian crowd accepted the young lad as one of them and was treated his huge cheers whenever he came into bat.

But the young sensation won more hearts of the Indian people when a recent video emerged where the young lad was sitting on the couch while his Indian grandmother was giving him blessings in the traditional Indian manner and the young Kiwi batter was soaking it all in. He visited his grandmother in Bengaluru to seek her blessings for World Cup glory, when the video was shot which is now breaking the Internet and making him the darling of the Indian crowd.

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