Qualification for 2025 Cricket Governing Body's Champions Trophy: A surprising twist in ODI World Cup 2023

Securing a spot in the 2025 Cricket Governing Body's Champions Trophy will see a surprising development as only the top 7 teams on the points table will earn qualification along with Pakistan.

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Qualification Scenario (Source: Twitter)

The cricketing world was taken by surprise when it was revealed that the top seven teams at the end of the league stage of the ongoing ODI World Cup in India would qualify for the 2025 Cricket Governing Body's Champions Trophy. This revelation, approved by the Cricket Governing Body Board in 2021, has added an unexpected dimension to the tournament.

In November 2021, the Apex Cricket Council announced a series of global events for the 2024-31 cycle, including two editions of the Champions Trophy in 2025 and 2029. The tournament structure would follow previous editions, featuring two groups of four, semi-finals, and a final.

Historically, the qualification criteria for the Champions Trophy have been based on the ODI rankings. For the 2013 and 2017 editions, the top eight teams in the ODI rankings at a specific cut-off date secured a place in the tournament. However, the decision to have the top seven teams at the 2023 ODI World Cup qualify for the 2025 Champions Trophy was approved by the ICC's chief executives committee, and later ratified by the Cricket Governing Body Board.

This sudden revelation has left many boards and teams, both those participating in the ODI World Cup and those who missed the tournament, surprised and somewhat unprepared. As of now, Bangladesh and England find themselves at No. 9 and 10 on the ODI World Cup points table, placing them outside the top seven that will secure a berth in the Champions Trophy, along with hosts Pakistan.

This also means that other Full-Member nations like West Indies, Zimbabwe, and Ireland, who failed to make it to the 2023 ODI World Cup, will not even have the opportunity to qualify for the tournament.

Bangladesh's Captain Speaks Out

The unexpected qualification criteria have given meaning to the remaining matches of the ODI World Cup as team who have more or less diminished their chances of qualifying for the semis will now fight for a berth in the Champions Trophy. While the focus has traditionally been on securing a spot in the semi-finals, teams are now faced with the additional challenge of finishing within the top seven to ensure a place in the prestigious 2025 Champions Trophy.

Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan emphasized the significance of this qualification process, given that his team's chances of reaching the semi-finals seemed bleak. "I mean, not the semi-final hope. It is not a semi-final possibility," Shakib said after a defeat to the Netherlands. "At least, do a little better. Suppose, you have to be in the top 8 if you want to play in the Champions Trophy. So, there are still three matches left, considering that in mind."

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