Mitchell Marsh gets flak on social media for keeping his feet on trophy after winning ODI World Cup 2023

Social media criticized an Australian all-rounder Mitchell Marsh for showing disrespect to the World Cup trophy when Pat Cummins posted a picture on his Instagram, showing the all-rounder with his feet on the trophy while enjoying a beer.

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Australia as a cricketing nation, known for its mental toughness and its never-say-die attitude. This is what makes them the six-time ODI World Cup champion. After losing the two initial matches of the World Cup, Australia’s campaign chances looked dicey and they were languishing at the bottom of the points table. They rose as victors when it mattered the most to show the World reasons why they stand out.

They won 9 matches on the trot and went on to win the ODI World Cup final by defeating the favorites of the tournament in a one-sided affair. The country of Australia is celebrating together the joy of winning the tournament. 

Australians are also known for their unique approaches of celebrating their victory. Such an instance was seen in the T20 World Cup in Dubai, when the players were drinking beer from a shoe. These unique antics often get mixed reactions from fans around the world.

Fans react to Mitchell Marsh's celebration post after the World Cup finals

A recent post-win picture of Mitchell Marsh with his legs on the World Cup trophy has gotten him some flak from fans around the world, especially India. Millions of Indian fans are heartbroken after yesterday’s loss against Australia and the recent picture of Mitchell Marsh with his feet on the trophy has made the Indian fans furious. The fans criticized him for disrespecting the trophy for which millions of Indians were yearning. 


Australia’s World Cup-winning captain Pat Cummins posted a picture of Mitchell Marsh on his Instagram story where a worn-out Mitchell Marsh was seen with his legs on the coveted World Cup showing his left fist as a victory with a beer in his other hand.

On one hand, where this picture didn’t go down well with some fans, others came in support of Mitchell Marsh by saying in Western culture touching something with your feet is not considered bad and we Indians should not moral police everyone and let people enjoy their success. 

ODI World Cup 2023 IND vs AUS Mitchell Marsh World Cup Final