'Pakistan ka baap kaun' - Fans react as Apex Cricket Body declines to take action on PCB's complain

Cricket's Apex Body declines Pakistan Cricket Board's official complaint over alleged crowd behavior during the ODI World Cup 2023 game against India in Ahmedabad

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Pakistan Cricket Team (Source-Twitter)

The Pakistan Cricket Board has been dealt a huge blow by Cricket’s Apex Body. This comes after the PCB had lodged a formal protest over the perceived bad crowd behaviour in Ahmedabad.

The Pakistani Cricket officials had decided to voice their displeasure after the India versus Pakistan ODI World Cup 2023 game. Zaka Ashraf, on his return to Pakistan, had made his decision clear to take the matters to the top. This will disappoint a lot of Pakistani officials and fans after the Apex Cricket Body has issued its response. 

Apex Cricket Body declines to take action –

After their crushing defeat to India on Saturday, the Pakistani team had to face another defeat. This time the loss came off the field on Wednesday when the Apex Cricket Body declined to heed PCB’s official complaint. 

Cricket Apex Body has declined to look into the alleged crowd behaviour and issues its response. While replying to the PCB, the Apex Cricket Body said that the laws come into effect for an individual, not a group.

One former Indian board member, who also has served with the Apex Body, wasn’t impressed with the PCB. The unnamed source said to the media “They take every complaint very seriously, but the code is about individuals. I don’t know what exactly PCB is looking at, but it will be very difficult to take any tangible action”

A vast section of the Pakistani media had raised a huge hue and cry over the alleged crowd chants in Ahmedabad. There were more than 100,000 people who had come out to watch the biggest game of the ODI World Cup 2023 tournament.

Mickey Arthur and Grant Bradburn had spoken about the lack of support for Pakistan and cited this as a reason for the loss. This created a huge storm once the game ended as the two have been trolled ever since. For the record Pakistan on Saturday lost to India for the 8th time in World Cup history. India will face Bangladesh next on Thursday while Pakistan play Australia on Friday.

Here’s how the fans reacted –



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