WATCH: Bangladesh fans danced on the streets in elation after India’s loss to Australia in ODI World Cup 2023

A social media viral video captured Bangladesh supporters joyfully dancing in the streets following India's loss to Australia in the ODI World Cup 2023 finals. When questioned, they expressed greater jubilation over India's loss than Australia's victory.

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India suffered a disappointing loss against Australia in the finals of the ODI World Cup 2023 that sent a wave of disappointment among the fervent Indian fans across the country. The dominant Indian team was considered to be the favourites to win the trophy by beating the Australians but the Indian team faltered under pressure and Australia went on to win their 6th ODI World Cup title.

However, India’s loss against Australia at a crucial juncture sent a wave of happiness and joy among the people of Bangladesh. After the loss of India in the finals, a video went viral on social media where the public of Bangladesh can be seen dancing and celebrating in elation like Bangladesh had won the World Cup. 

India and Bangladesh have been rivals in cricket for some time now and Bangladesh’s loss to India in the ODI World Cup 21 has only accentuated it between the two cricket-crazy nations. Bangladesh cricket fans took to the streets of Bangladesh donning Australian jerseys and celebrated India’s loss by dancing on the streets.

Some were Australia’s fans while others wanted to see India lose

In the viral video, when the reporter asked the people why are they so elated even when Bangladesh was already out of the World Cup they replied that they wanted India to lose against Australia and 80% of Bangladeshi people support Australia and want their team to play like them.

Other people said that more than Australia’s victory they are celebrating India’s loss rather than India’s victory. One of the people in the crowd even said that they hated India and were happy that they lost while some of them viewed that Australia were a better side than India and they were happy that they won.

It’s not the first time that Bangladesh’s people are happy in India getting knocked out of a tournament. Earlier in 2016, Bangladesh’s premier wicketkeeper and player celebrated India’s semifinal defeat in the 2016 T20 World Cup by posting on his social media account.   

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