‘F**k off...’- Sreesanth reveals that Gautam Gambhir called him fixer during LLC 2023 eliminator match

Sreesanth has stunned the cricket community by disclosing that his ex-teammate Gautam Gambhir labeled him a fixer during the Legends League Cricket 2023 eliminator, sparking an on-field dispute between the two former Indian cricket stalwarts.

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Sreesanth's shocking revelation

Sreesanth's shocking revelation

The Legends League Cricket 2023 Eliminator match between the India Capitals and the Gujarat Giants witnessed a shocking war of world when former Indian teammates Gautam Gambhir and S. Sreesanth engages in a heated on-field altercation. This incident left cricket fans surprised and shocked at a controversy that’s taking new turns.

Following the match, Sreesanth expressed his disappointment with Gambhir's use of "unacceptable words" on the field through a social media post. The situation escalated when Sreesanth, during an Instagram live session, the accused Gambhir of repeatedly calling him a "FIXER" during their on-field spat, both in front of the audience and on live television. Despite the provocation, Sreesanth maintained composure and refrained himself from using abusive language.

While Gambhir remained silent on the allegations, he posted a cryptic message on social media, sharing a picture of himself with the caption, "Smile when the world is all about attention!" Gautam Gambhir is known to have a short temper on the cricket field and his silence on the whole issue is raising speculations on the entire incident.

Both the players have represented India and also shared the same dressing room when India lifted the ODI World Cup trophy in 2011. Sreesanth earlier called Gambhir Mr. Fighter and accused him of fighting with his colleagues for disrespecting his senior players.


Sreesanth’s dark past

Sreesanth's cricket history is hampered with spot-fixing allegations in 2013, resulting in a lifetime ban from the BCCI, which was later overturned in court in 2015. The on-field altercation raises questions about professionalism, respect, and disciplinary action in cricket.

It's essential to emphasize that all these are allegations made by Sreesanth, and Gambhir has yet to respond directly. Waiting for all perspectives before drawing conclusions is crucial. This incident underscores the significance of maintaining professionalism on the field, and cricket enthusiasts anticipate further developments in this evolving controversy.


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