'Kumar said to me if it was zing bails it would be given out' - Stuart Broad reveals Kumar Dharmasena's take on Steve Smith being recalled in fifth Ashes 2023 Test

Stuart Broad opened up on the decision of Steve Smith's run out and revealed what Kumar Dharmasena talked about it.

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Stuart Broad

Stuart Broad (Source: Twitter)

Stuart Broad Stuart Broad (Source: Twitter)

Steve Smith, one of the best batters in the modern era, survived a close run-out call on the second day of the fifth Test of Ashes 2023. The Australian batter was walking off after being declared out initially. But the third umpire Nitin Menon went through the decision and overturned it in favour of Australia, as the wicketkeeper Bairstow had not inflicted the run out properly.  

The decision became a topic of discussion on social media and elsewhere instantly. Many believed that the right decision was made by the TV umpire. Others felt that the wicketkeeper had properly dismissed the batter. Unlike the second Test where the English players and fans unanimously criticized Australia for lack of sportsmanship spirit, no English player commented ill on the decision.    

Stuart Broad reveals Kumar Dharmasena's take on the call

Stuart Broad though, had something to say. The experienced pacer expressed what Kumar Dharmasena talked about the dismissal. “I honestly don't know the rules. I think there was enough grey area to give that not out. It looked like the benefit of the doubt sort of stuff, first angle I saw I thought out, and then the side angle it looked like the bails probably dislodged. Kumar said to me if it was zing bails it would be given out, I don't understand the reasoning why." said Broad about the dismissal.  

Earlier, Steve Smith had given his opinion on the overturning of the decision. The former Australian skipper said, "I saw the initial replay and saw the bail come up, and when I looked at it the second time looked like Jonny might have knocked the bail before the ball had come. Looked pretty close at that stage, if the ball had hit at the initial stage when the bail came, think I was well out of my ground”.  

Australia was still trailing by 85 runs in the first innings then with only Smith himself as the last genuine batter. From there, Australia added 101 runs more towards the end of the day. Smith scored 71(123) in the innings. 

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