Virat Kohli revealed why he didn’t leave Royal Challengers Bangalore despite not winning IPL since 2008

Virat has been one of the great India players to play cricket. He has played the IPL since its inception but he hasn't been able to win a tournament even since. In a recent interview, Kohli reveals why he didn't leave RCB even after so many years.

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Virat Kohli opens up about his bond with RCB

Virat Kohli in his long and illustrious career has garnered immense fame, won many trophies and accolades but an IPL trophy is that one glory that has alluded him till now both as a captain and a player.

Despite leading a formidable squad, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) has only managed to reach the finals of the event, failing to claim the coveted title. In a candid revelation, Virat Kohli disclosed that he did contemplate joining other franchises, believing the 'grass was greener' on the other side.

However, in a testament to loyalty rarely seen in IPL, Hardik Panya is a prime example, Kohli chose to remain with the Bengaluru franchise. "To be very honest, I thought about it. Yes, I won't shy away from it. I have been approached many times as well to come into the auction somehow, put my name there and stuff," Kohli revealed.

"And then I thought about it, I was like at the end of the day everyone has X numbers of years they live, and then you die, and life moves on. There would have been many great people who won trophies, but no one addresses you like that. No one addresses you in the room like 'Oh he's an IPL champion or he's a World Cup champion," Kohli explained, offering insight into the mindset behind his decision to stay put at RCB.


Virat Kohli's loyalty to RCB

For Kohli, loyalty to RCB, the franchise that showed faith in him when others did not. RCB holds more significance than potentially winning the IPL trophy with another team. "For me, the understanding that the loyalty with RCB, like how I follow my life, is far greater for me than the fact that five people in the room will say, 'Oh finally you win the IPL with whoever xyz.' You feel good for five minutes, but then the sixth minute you could be miserable with some other issues in life. So it is not the end of the world for me," he emphasized.

Reflecting on early years of RCB, Kohli expressed gratitude for the opportunities the franchise provided in his initial three years and believed in him when other teams did not. "What this franchise has given me in terms of opportunities in the first three years and believed in me, that is the most special thing because, as I said, there are many teams who had the opportunity, but they didn't back me, they didn't believe in me."

It's a matters of significant decisions, Kohli made it clear that it's only the opinion of his wife, Anushka Sharma, that truly matters to him. "So there are always going to be 'buts,' you literally can't live your life like that, and I just carry out doing my own things, and I actually honestly don't even bother about a third person beyond myself and Anushka discussing things. For me, nothing else or no one else's opinion matters at all," he concluded.