England wicketkeeper terms Hyderabad pitch as ‘Horrific’ ahead of 2nd Test in Vizag

England wicketkeeper Ben Foakes labeled the pitch as 'horrific' which has again sparked the pitch debate. He also said that English batters accepted that these wickets will lead to dismissal and hence lead to their aggressive approach.

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In cricket, you come across various conditions and pitches which adds flavor to international cricket and adapting to diverse playing conditions becomes a paramount challenge for teams. England wicketkeeper Ben Foakes isn't holding back after surviving a "horrific" pitch in the first Test against India.

The English team are heading into the second Test with a different mindset, ready to put the pressure back on the Indian bowlers. The recent comments by English wicketkeeper-batter Ben Foakes shed light on the unique struggles faced by the English team during the first Test match against India in Hyderabad. Foakes labelled the pitch as 'horrific' which has again sparked debates among fans and cricket pundits.

Foakes, reflecting on the conditions in Hyderabad, described the pitch as a formidable opponent in itself. Foakes said, "Going into that, I was thinking, 'These are horrific wickets - I just need to find a way to stay in' I think now the group is more, if that's the situation, you've got to be positive; got to put it [pressure] back on the bowler and put them under pressure."

England will come out with an assertive approach stated Foakes

Foakes acknowledged the fear of getting out that had previously plagued the team. This fear had kept the players in their shells, limiting their ability to express themselves on the field. However, the shift in mindset allowed the team to move from a fear of failure to an acceptance that challenging conditions might lead to dismissals.

He stated, "Before, there was more of a fear of getting out and that put us in our shells. Whereas now it's not worrying that you are getting out and accepting that you probably are on those sort of surfaces. But how can you actually go and dominate at times as well?"

As both teams arrived in Visakhapatnam for the second Test, anticipation hung in the air. The change in mindset and the lessons learned from the first Test would be put to the test on a new playing surface.

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