Ben Stokes reminisces his days in CSK camp and learning from MS Dhoni, Stephen Fleming

Following first test victory against India, Ben Stokes reminisced about his time with CSK and offered insightful observations on his brief interaction with MS Dhoni and Stephen Fleming and what he learnt from the captain-coach duo.

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Ben Stokes has been at the helm of all the praises from former cricketers and analysts around the world after they thumped India in the first test on a slow Hyderabad track. After a tumultuous time in Test cricket, the duo of Brendon McCullum has been a revelation for England in Test Cricket, and their aggressive 'Bazball' approach has been a revelation in Test cricket. 

Ben Stokes in the recent past has been marred with various injuries and surgeries which have kept him out of the game for some time still his brave and out-of-the-box decisions have proved to be quite successful for the England test side. 

Ben Stokes on his CSK days 

Recently, Ben Stokes shared insightful reflections on his brief experience with the Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2023 and his bold decision to field three spinners in the first Test against India. While his participation was cut short due to injuries, Stokes cherishes the experience of being part of the legendary CSK franchise. 

He highlights the incredible leadership dynamic between coach Stephen Fleming and captain MS Dhoni, praising their trust in decision-making and shared understanding of emotions during a match. This resonated with his captaincy approach alongside Brendon McCullum, emphasizing prioritizing the team's best interests above all.

Talking about the duo of Stephen Fleming and MS Dhoni, Stokes said, "The trust that they (MS and Fleming) have in the decisions they make, one as a coach and one as a captain. MS has the emotion of being out in the game, whereas sometimes when you’re sitting on the sideline, you don’t have that emotion. 

I think they both have an incredible understanding of that. But one thing me and Baz always try to do, and what MS and Flem do is whatever decision they make around selection or whatever decision they have to make very quickly, it’s always based around what’s best for the team. That's something me and Baz always try and live by when we make decisions."

Stokes emphasizes on the role of spinners against India 

Stokes's reflections offer valuable lessons beyond the field. His emphasis on leadership trust, empowering talent, and minimizing overthinking can be applied in various contexts. He said, "I think sometimes inexperience can be looked at into a bit too much. There’s no doubt that experience makes players feel more comfortable and settled, especially in this environment. But the spinners we’ve selected on this tour are ones we think will give us the best opportunity to beat India. 

For me, it’s not just about the spinners but understanding the talent they have and allowing them to go out there and express that talent and giving them the platform and the best possible opportunity to not worry about the outcome too much and focus on what cricket is. As a bowler, your job is to think about taking wickets. As a batsman, it's about going out there and scoring runs. Anything more than that is overcomplicating it. I’m just taking away that fear and anxiety around the outcome."

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