'In two to three years' time, nobody’s going to play it' - Moeen Ali gives dark statement on ODI Cricket's future

Moeen Ali feels that ODI cricket is on the decline and will surely cease to exist in two to three years time going forward

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Moeen Ali

Moeen Ali - Source (Twitter)

Due to the increase in popularity of T20I matches and leagues around the world and packed International schedules, Moeen Ali feels that in the coming two to three years, ODI cricket will lose its shine. The English all-rounder's comments come at a time when there are calls for removing the 50-over format of the game by some former legends.

Ever since star English all-rounder and Test captain Ben Stokes announced his decision to bid adieu to the ODI format of the game, the future of this format of the game has become a hot topic of discussion.

"It just feels like it’s going that way and there’s nothing you can do because I think the interest in 50-over cricket is not there as it probably once was. So yeah, having won it (World Cup) in 2019, it’s a difficult one because I genuinely feel in two to three years' time, nobody’s going to want to play it."
Moeen Ali went on to say that the 50 over format has become very pale and boring. It will cease to exist in sometime due to the ever growing influence of T20 Leagues and due to a crammed and mismanaged International schedule. He feels many of them will want to get away and not play the ODI format going forward.
"International cricket in all three formats is by far the best cricket to play. There’s no doubt about that, but I do worry that there are so many tournaments out there that players are retiring more now and you’ll see more players retiring soon."
"At the moment, it’s not sustainable in my opinion. Something has to be done because I fear losing the 50-over format in a couple of years because it’s almost like the long, boring one, if that makes sense."
"It’s almost like you’ve got T20s, you’ve got the Test matches, which are great, and then the 50 overs are just in the middle. There’s no importance given to them at the moment. So yeah, I think there’s too much. Personally, I feel like there’s too much going on," Moeen added.
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