'If you think you are perfect, then don't come to me' - Arshdeep Singh's coach reveals an interesting conversation between the Indian pacer and Wasim Akram

Arshdeep Singh's coach revealed an interesting conversation that took place between the pacer and Wasim Akram.

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Wasim Akram, Arshdeep Singh

Wasim Akram, Arshdeep Singh (Image Source: Twitter)

Wasim Akram, Arshdeep Singh Wasim Akram, Arshdeep Singh (Image Source: Twitter)

Arshdeep Singh, the young pacer, is the latest sensation in the Indian cricket arena. Speaking of his ability to bowl in the deaths, the left-armer proved his class in the Super 4s round against Sri Lanka and Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2022. Ahead of the first T20I against Australia, the 23-year-old’s coach has revealed an incident involving Arshdeep Singh and former Pakistani great Wasim Akram. 

For the unversed, Arshdeep Singh’s coach Jaswant Rai had a conversation with journalist Vimal Kumar on his YouTube channel. The coach revealed an incident between the young Indian bowler and Wasim Akram during the Asia Cup 2022. Rai, who got emotional while speaking of his student, said that the Pakistani great kept the bowler puzzled for a night with a statement. 

When Arshdeep Singh had gone to talk with Wasim Akram, the latter had said that if Singh felt he was perfect, then he must not talk to him. 

“Arshdeep told me that he met Akram bhai who told him, 'Sardarji, you are bowling very well. You are a good bowler. If you think you are perfect, then don't come to me. If you feel you want to ask me anything or want to learn something from me then you can come whenever you want'. He then told me that when he went to the hotel at night, he kept thinking about that question. He felt that if he didn't go then Akram would mind and think that Sardarji seems to know everything. So next day he went to Akram and had a discussion,” Rai said. 

Wasim Akram earlier defended Arshdeep Singh for his fielding error

Wasim Akram is known for his ability to call a spade a spade. When India faced Pakistan yet again in the Super 4s round of the continental tournament, Arshdeep Singh dropped a sitter while defending the total. This angered the fans who took to their social media accounts to slam the youngster. Albeit it was later found out that most of them were from outside India, Wasim Akram defended Arshdeep Singh at that time. 

The former Pakistani pacer said that one must understand the pressure that a player faces before going against him. 

“If social media wants to target or have a go at someone, try me. Muqaabla karna hai to mujhse karo, then I can reply back. I have a very simple theory. If somebody is rude to me, I will be 10 times ruder. If someone will like me or send me a funny message or has a good sense of humour, I will be exactly the same. Having a go at a young kid, your own kid, doesn't make any sense,” Wasim Akram said earlier. 


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