'I took a couple of steps down then slipped' -Jonny Bairstow opens up on his fateful injury ahead of 20-20 World Cup

Jonny Bairstow went through a superb run of form before the unfortunate injury happened which cost him a place in the 20-20 World Cup squad.

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Jonny Bairstow

Jonny Bairstow -Source (Twitter)

Jonny Bairstow Jonny Bairstow -Source (Twitter)

England Batter Jonny Bairstow dropped some stunning revelations about the injury that he sustained on his left leg. He had to endure a tough phase and he mentioned that the pain was at its tipping point once his left leg snapped.

The injury happened to Bairstow when he was playing golf at Leeds before the start of the third Test against South Africa which took place at the Oval. And in what was a big heartbreak to the England Fans, the injury took place on the day that England announced their 20-20 World Cup squad.


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In an interaction with the Telegraph, Bairstow said that it was a tough time for him as he recalled screaming loudly and calling for the England Physio. The England superstar said, "I yelped. Uncontrollable screams, the sort you hear on a rugby field. The adrenaline kicked in, and I knew I needed an ambulance."

"We rang the head physio at England straight away and asked where I needed to go and what I needed to do. The next three hours without painkillers were not too fun," added Bairstow. The swashbuckling batter took to Instagram to share a picture of the bruised limb. The Englishman recollected the sequence of events and said that he dislocated his ankle and the other mistake he did was not landing on his back once he slipped awkwardly.

"I took a couple of steps down then slipped. By the time I crumpled into a heap, I was three-quarters of the way down. It’s all a blur, it happened so quickly. Normally when you slip you fall on your bum, which would have been fine as there’s plenty of cushion in there," explained Bairstow.

"Except this time, I tried to regain my balance, my left ankle turned right, dislocated and my weight went through my left lower leg. I heard it snap straight away," concluded the wicketkeeper-batter. Bairstow was in a supreme test match form before the injury happened and scored four test tons before the unfortunate incident took place.

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