'I see both sides of the argument' - Taylor Fritz opines on Novak Djokovic's vaccination controversy ahead of US Open

Novak Djokovic is the talk of the tennis town right now and it is not for his skills. Taylor Fritz has opened up on the controversy.

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Novak Djokovic, Taylor Fritz

Novak Djokovic, Taylor Fritz (Image Source: Twitter)

Novak Djokovic is the talk of the Tennis town right now and it is not for his skills. The Tennis star has been in the headlines for weeks now and it is all pertaining to non-vaccination. The Belgrade-born is not vaccinated and knows about the consequences that he could face for it. Djokovic, earlier, said that he was ready to pay the price for not getting vaccinated.

The Serbian is out of the Canadian Open and Cincinnati masters for the same reason. However, he'll have a ray of hope to participate in the US Open as the government has eased the rules and regulations. But it is still mandatory for people to show a vaccination certificate on arrival. With opinions pounding from all around the world, the recent one joining the list is Taylor Fritz.

After his thumping win against Nick Kyrgios, the 25-year-old showed up at the press conference. And when the question of letting Djokovic play the US Open popped up, the youngster came up with a smart answer. The native US player balanced his opinion by looking up both sides of the story. The California-born expressed his difficulty in coming up with a straight answer.

"It's tough. I think on one side of it, like I think it's tough to make certain exceptions to the rules for certain people. I don't know how I feel about that, but then, at the same time, it's like, I mean, we're not the most COVID-safe country in general with, you know, how we are doing things. So it does seem like, you know, what's the harm of letting the best player in the world come play the US Open?” he said.

Fritz added that he does not want to look at only one side of the story. He said that he does not understand the point of making an exception for one player alone.

"But like I said, at the same time, it's conflicting, because I don't know how I feel about making special exceptions just for one person just because of who they are. So I see both sides of the argument, to be honest. It's tough to, you know, differentiate obviously,” he added further.

The 25-year-old gave hints on his cheeky desire of not wanting to play against the legend.

"It's good for every player if Novak is not in the draw. I don't know. Novak is one of the only people on tour that I have never beaten, so I don't know," he concluded.

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