VCT Americas Kickoff 2024; Sentinels secure the last spot in playoffs

Sentinels dominate play-in to secure a spot in the VCT Americas playoffs alongside Evil Geniuses, LOUD and NRG, two teams will move to Masters Madrid

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Sentinels - TenZ

In what felt like an intense struggle between three teams at the VCT Americas Kickoff play-in, Sentinels has come out on top. The team will now move to playoffs while others will go home.

The play-in featured Sentinels, MIBR and G2 esports. All the teams lost one match and won the other, however, Sentinels stood strong with the highest final score after defeating MIBR 0-2 on the first round.

MIBR Vs Sentinels

After securing a spot in the play-in with a dominating win against Cloud9, MIBR feel short and saw an overwhelming defeat. The first match on split was dominated by Sentinels as it was their pick. The game ended with a scoreline of 13-7.

The second match also saw a similar outcome on Ascent, despite the map being MIBR’s pick. After fifth round, MIBR could not recover back after fifth round. The team did manage to secure a round, however, apart from that, Sentinels were having a field day with them.

G2 Esports Vs Sentinels

Contrary to that, Sentinels lost their second match against G2 Esports, who surprisingly lost to MIBR in their previous match. This shows to go on that all three teams were equally matched, and the game depended on better tactics and how shot well.

Sentinels opened great on their map pick on Sunset to secure the game, however, the gap was covered by G2 in the second map on Breeze. This let to the final map which went pretty much on par till 7-7 scoreline.

However, G2 gained momentum, bringing the scoreline to 12-7. Sentinels did manage two more round before giving out. The match went to G2 esports.

Playoffs schedule Semifinals (March 3)

Evil Geniuses Vs LOUD

NRG Vs Sentinels

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