Valve releases ‘A call to arms’ update for Counter Strike 2

Valve drops a huge Counter Strike 2 update featuring new game mode, maps, weapon case and several fixes to multiple bugs and gameplay changes

Sarah Andrew
New Update
CS2 Arms Race update

After a meme update in January, Valve has now released a sizable update to Counter Strike 2 (CS2) called ‘A call to arms’. As the name suggests, the game mode brings a lot of things, including arms race game mode.

The update shadow dropped like your average Valve update on February 6. Size for the update was anywhere between 8-10 GB thanks to addition of new game mode and maps. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new and what’s changes with the new update -

New game mode and maps -

Counter Strike Global Offensive had a variety of game modes. With the launch of CS2, these modes were gone. Now with the classic move of Valve taketh, Valve Giveth, players have got one of their beloved game mode ‘Arms Race’ back.

Arms Race is a free for all game mode where players have to get kills to climb the weapon ladder board. Each kill will swap your weapon until you reach the final point. For the winning point, players will either have to get a knife kill or now, a Zeus kill.

Arms race will take place in two new maps called ‘Baggage’ and ‘Shoots’. These are also some of the most popular maps. Generally these maps are made small enough, so the action never stops, but big enough to give everyone breathing room.

First ever CS2 case -

A call to arms update also brings in a new case. In-fact, it is the first ever CS2 case. The case, called Kilowatt collection, features 17 community-designed weapon finishes.

As for the rare special item, players can find a Kukri Knife with original finishes. The finishes include Fade, Crimson Web, Slaughter, Case Hardened and more. It is a matter of time another million dollar skin emerges.

Another huge addition is the new Zeus skin, which players will find a significant use for. How? The Zeus now recharges and can now be used again in 30 seconds.

New sticker capsule and customization update -

There is also a new sticker capsule available with changes to how stickers behave. Players can now place the stickers on custom locations on the weapon. Along with that, the weapon can now have up to five stickers from four.

Gameplay and map improvements -

As usual, there are a ton of gameplay improvements. These include networking changes to combat the effect of peeker’s advantage and various sound fixes. Multiple maps also saw some love, where the devs fixed various bugs and geometry for consistent gameplay.

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