Valorant’s new weapon Outlaw proving best counter for light armour

New sniper rifle in Valorant, Outlaw is now being called meta shifter as the weapon proves very effective counter against light shield enemies

Sarah Andrew
New Update


With a new act, Riot Games introduced a new weapon to the game named Outlaw. This double-barrel sniper rifle acts as an in-between for the current two snipers, the Marshal costing 950 credits and the Operator costing 4,700 credits.

The new sniper rifle is like a high-risk, high-reward type weapon. While it is very effective in one tapping an opponent with light shields, it will take two shots on the chest to down an opponent with heavy armour.

For 2,400 credits, the Outlaw provides a modest damage increase. The catch is, that it only comes with two bullets in the magazine. If the players miss one, they might be left exposed. Of course, a sensible player would switch to secondary as we all learned it is faster than reloading.

Shifting the meta

One thing the weapon was added for and is good at is anti-eco rounds. Many times the opponents on budget will get light armour. This gives them a good chance to fight back and win rounds with very low investment.

This method is used heavily on highest-level game lobbies, with players sacrificing some armour for utilities. Professional Valorant team Sentinels also recently talked about how the new weapon will shift the light shield meta.

With the Outlaw, however, the players will now be aware of what to buy. What was previously a good push might become two downs real quick. There is also a risk of carrying Outlaw as you never know what the opponent will have.

If the team is equipped with full armour, the new sniper can feel a bit limiting, especially for casual players. Apart from the new weapon, Valorant also saw two agents, Killjoy and Deadlock reworked along with changes to the Icebox and Lotus map.

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