Team Falcons dominates BetBoom Dacha 2024 grand finals

Team Falcons defeats Team Liquid with three back to back wins despite Liquid giving their all, crowned champions for the BetBoom Dacha 2024 grand finals

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BBD 2024 Team Falcons

The BetBoom Dacha (BBD) Dubai 2024 has finally concluded with Team Falcons and Team Liquid facing each other in the grand final. Falcons dominated the battlefield with a 3-0 victory to take home the championship crown.

Team Liquid on the other hand made their way to the grand finals after defeating every opponent in the lower brackets. The team even went on to win the semifinal against Azure Ray, who were the reason they were in the lower brackets.

One of the star player for Liquid, ‘Nisha’ recently won the 1v1 tournament at BBD. Despite that, the team failed to win their final battle against Team Falcons.

Grand Final overview

Winning the matches 3-0 does not mean Team Falcons were handed easy wins. Team Liquid held on as long as they could and gave their opponents a tough fight. However, Liquid just could not go for the final stretch.

The first match ended with a 32-17 scoreline in favour of Falcons after over 40 minutes. The second match also went on for quite some time. Liquid was holding on pretty well, however, the Falcons made a comeback and won the match 32-28.

Final match went by relatively quickly, with a 33-7 scoreline putting an end to Team Liquid’s run and ending the best-of-five grand finals in the first three matches.

Still, Team Liquid did put up a great performance of a huge comeback in the tournament after losing their first match. It’s not everyday you get to see a team storm through the lower brackets and reach the grand finals.

Here are the top three teams of BBD 2024

Team Falcons

Team Liquid

BetBoom Team

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