T-Pain reveals he’s working on GTA 6

Popular Singer T Pain reveals that he has been working on the upcoming open world video game and the biggest instalment of GTA franchise by Rockstar Games

Sarah Andrew
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Singer/Songwriter T-Pain, in a recent stream, revealed that he is working on Grand Theft Auto 6 along with Rockstar Games. It is one of the main reasons why the singer has been inactive in GTA role-playing (RP) servers.

As per the singer, he used to be a regular in NoPixel, a popular GTA RP server. He had a good time in the RP server, he said. However, ever since he was involved in GTA 6, he was told to refrain from working with RP.

Having original songs will also remove any uncertainty of copyrights while streaming the game. Furthermore, they won’t have to be removed from the game after some time for licensing issues like old GTA games.

What role will T-Pain play?

He did not explicitly reveal if he will be playing multiple roles during the development, one thing players can be sure of is getting some great jams. T-Pain was told not to join the RP server as fans might find out about his new album.

“I used to be on NoPixel. Then I started working on GTA 6, and they told me that I couldn't do RP anymore because it goes against,” he said.

Furthermore, the people who told him not to work on RP servers were working with them anyway, which to him made no sense. “They teamed up with the people that kind of, like, make the RP,” he added.

T-Pain could also give a cameo inside the game, as we have seen how the game is inspired by the modern real world. Fans are still not sure if he was supposed to reveal that information, considering the game was in development for quite a while.

It was clear that a game of that scale would involve many people. Other popular names in the industry might also be working with the developers.

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