Skyesports BGMI Champions Series; Group B overview

Group B quarterfinals for the Skyesports BGMI Champions Series concludes, and we now have the remaining nine teams qualifying for the semifinals

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Skyesports Champions Series

Top 9 teams in semifinals

Quarterfinals for Skyesports BGMI Champions Series Group B have now concluded. The quarterfinals saw 16 teams competing across 12 matches. The top nine teams will now make their way to the semifinals.

Big Brother Esports and Team Tamilas dominated the quarterfinals. While Team Tamilas secured two chicken dinners, it remained shy of two points from overtaking Big Brother Esports.

Other teams like Reckoning Esports, 8Bit and Aerobotz also struggled a bit but made a great comeback and managed to stay in the top nine. However, fans believe that the teams will need to work even harder if they plan to remain at the top.

Few teams like Chemin Esports and Marcos Gaming qualified with no chicken dinners. On the other hand, teams like Raven Esports misted the top nine spot even with two chicken dinners. FS Esports and Velocity Gaming also could not make it to the semifinals.

Here are all the qualifying teams in the semifinals

  1. Big Brother Esports - 116 points
  2. Team Tamilas - 114 points
  3. Aerobotz Esports - 89 points
  4. OST Esports - 87 points
  5. Reckoning Esports - 79 points
  6. Team 8Bit - 78 points
  7. WindGod Esports - 71 points
  8. Chemin Esports - 69 points
  9. Marcos Gaming - 68 points

While there are multiple new teams in group B Big Brother Esports and Team Tamilas are the only teams reaching triple digits on the leaderboard. Fans hope to see a similar performance during the semifinals.

These teams will now meet with Group A qualifiers and the invited teams in the semifinals starting from February 28. All teams will be divided into three groups of eight and will play in a round-robin format. Only 16 out of 24 teams will move to the grand finals.

Details for the semifinal group stage and team distribution along with the grand finals schedule will be revealed at a later date.

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