Reckoning Esports activates on Day 2 of BGMI Rising Star Showdown

Carnival Gaming and Reckoning Esports give their best on the second day of BGMI Rising Star Showdown by RA Esports, one more match day remains

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BGMI Rising Star

The second day of the BGMI Rising Star Showdown by RA Esports ends with a huge comeback. Carnival Gaming and Reckoning Esports made a huge leap, reaching the top two on the leaderboard.

Carnival Gaming took the first map with a 15-point chicken dinner. While the team did not win any other rounds, it was mostly in the top three positions. Maintaining a good rank and multiple finishes led the team to the top of the leaderboard for Day 2.

Reckoning Esports also had a similar run and managed to secure two chicken dinners with 21 and 25 points respectively. This helped the team to make a huge leap from sixth place to second.

Carnival Gaming and Reckoning Esports are also currently the only teams reaching trip digits on the leaderboard. Although, the entire landscape is bound to change after the dust settles on the final day.

Match winners Day 2 -

Match 1 - Carnival Gaming

Match 2 - Reckoning Esports

Match 3 - FS Esports

Match 4 - Reckoning Esports

Match 5 - 8bit

Match 6 - Team Forever

Grand finals Day 2 standings -

Carnival Gaming - 107 points

Reckoning Esports - 100 points

Entity Gaming - 92 points

Team Forever - 85 points

Chemin Esports - 79 points

Team SouL - 77 points

8Bit - 70 points

Orangutan - 70 points

FS Esports - 65 points

Hyderabad Hydras - 57 points

Gods Reign - 56 points

Gujarat Tigers - 50 points

GodLike Esports - 48 points

Genesis Esports - 47 points


Revenant Esports - 20 points

Despite a great start on Day 1, Entity Gaming could not maintain consistency. This mistake let others take over their position, pushing them to third place. There is still one more match day remaining, if the team manages to perform well, they’ll be back on top in no time.

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