Metaverse game for Ready Player One in works

Metaverse game based on the popular science fiction novel, Ready Player One will be developed by Readyverse Studios and is set to launch some time this year

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Author of science fiction novel, Ready Player One, Ernest Cline and its movie producer have teamed up with an artificial intelligence technology company Futureverse to create a metaverse based game of Ready Player One.

The game will be developed by Readyverse Studios and will go live sometime in 2024 with early access signup now live. The announcement has left the gamers wondering how is the company planning to handle such project.

Here is the announcement

Speaking on the partnership, Cline said, “The future has arrived even more quickly than I imagined. With Readyverse Studios, we have the opportunity to leverage the revolutionary technology Futureverse has been building for several years to bring to life the best possible version of the metaverse.”

“I’m confident with this team, we have the brightest minds and biggest hearts in place to lead us into the next chapter of our collective future,” he added.

The production is also backed by Warner Bros, who have previously expressed their interest in live service games. SVP of franchise development, Josh Hackbarth said, “We are thrilled to be at the forefront of technology, embracing its potential while continuously exploring new and exciting ways to integrate it within fan experiences across our brands and franchises.”

While in theory, the game may seem fantastic, all the other metaverse games released till date, have yet to excite gamers. The Novel and Movie were quite popular, and the expectations they have set needs advanced technology, along with people being able to afford it.

It is safe to say that gamers have very high expectations, Several metaverse titles in the last few years have failed. This is due to many small reasons, primarily one being affordability of VR devices and the content in these games.

Gamers would rather sit on discord with friends and play other games that are much more affordable and does not require an hour to set up.

However, it is too soon to draw conclusions yet. While the game might still hit its mark with the launch, gamers are still doubtful due to other metaverse base games from the past.

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