Rainbow Six Invitational 2024; Group stage results

Sixteen out of the twenty teams move forward to the Playoff at the Six Invitational 2024, top teams from each group to get a direct spot in the quaterfinals

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Six Invitational 2024

Rainbow Six

Group Stage matches for the ongoing Rainbow Six Invitational have concluded, and 16 teams now move to the Playoffs. G2 Esports and Soniqs had the best runs in group stages.

The group stage featured a total of 20 teams across five groups of five. The top four teams from each group moved to the playoffs while the bottom team was eliminated.

Out of the four teams from each group, the top team will move directly to the upper bracket quarterfinals. The next two teams in 2nd and 3rd place will move to the upper bracket round 1. Finally, the bottom team in 4th place will go to the lower bracket.

Here are the group stage results -

Group A

G2 Esports (Upper Bracket Quarterfinals)

DarkZero Esports (Upper Bracket Round 1)

Ninjas in Pyjamas (Upper Bracket Round 1)

FearX (Lower Bracket Round 1)

Geekay Esports (Eliminated)

Group B

Spacestation Gaming (Upper Bracket Quarterfinals)

FaZe Clan (Upper Bracket Round 1)

Wolves Esports (Upper Bracket Round 1)

Team Bliss (Lower Bracket Round 1)

Dplus (Eliminated)

Group C

Virtus.pro (Upper Bracket Quarterfinals)

w7m esports (Upper Bracket Round 1)

Team Liquid (Upper Bracket Round 1)

Bleed Esports (Lower Bracket Round 1)

M80 (Eliminated)

Group D

Soniqs (Upper Bracket Quarterfinals)

FURY (Upper Bracket Round 1)

LOS (Upper Bracket Round 1)

Team Falcons (Lower Bracket Round 1)

SCARZ (Eliminated)

The playoffs will be played in a double-elimination bracket. All matches will be played as best-of-three except the grand finals which will be best-of-five. The tournament features a prize pool of $3 million, out of which, $1 million will go to the winners.

The upper-bracket teams have much more safety than the ones starting in the lower brackets. A team losing in the upper bracket is pushed to compete in the lower bracket. However, a loss in the lower brackets will see elimination.

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