PGL CS2 Major; European RMR B Day 3

Team Vitality and Team Spirit makes up for their previous losses at the European RMR B and secures their spot at the PGL CS2 Major among three other teams

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PGL CS2 Major RMRs

PGL CS2 Major

Day 3 for the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen concludes with three more eliminations and three qualifications for the Major. Team Spirit gets back in form again, while Astralis lives to see another day.

Apeks had some intense encounters with ECSTATIC but managed to beat them. Team Vitality and Spirit however were looking in form and gave a dominating performance.

A total of five teams have now made their way to the Major, leaving only three more spots behind. The remaining six teams will now fight to secure one for themselves on the final match day.

Round 4 will conclude the European RMRs and will start the decider bracket, featuring six teams fighting for only one spot in the first-ever Counter-Strike 2 Major tournament.

Day 3 match results

High Matches

Apeks (Winner) Vs ECSTATIC

Team Vitality (Winner) Vs ENCE

Team Spirit (Winner) Vs HEROIC

The winners of high matches have now secured three wins and qualified for the Major. Their opponents have now faced a second loss and will move to Round 4.

Low Matches

Monte Vs Astralis (Winner)

OG Vs GamerLegion (Winner)

Guild Eagles (Winner) Vs Preasy Esport

The losing teams in the Low Matches end their run for the PGL Major, while the winners will move to the final round. All teams in the final round have two wins and two losses.

Day 4 Overview

The final day for the European RMR B will be a do-or-die situation for the remaining teams. The winners will move to the Major, while the loser will go to the decider brackets. While no teams can be eliminated directly, the decider bracket will only have one winner and can be considered an indirect elimination.

Final day matchups

ENCE Vs Astralis

ECSTATIC Vs Guild Eagles

HEROIC Vs GamerLegion

PGL Major Esports CS2