PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen European RMR B; Day 1 overview

First day for PGL CS2 Major European RMR B concludes with Team Vitality, Team Spirit, MOUZ and Cloud9 winning both their matches and move to High Matches in Day 2

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CS2 European RMR B


Round 1 and 2 of the European RMR B for PGL Major concludes with four teams going flawless and just one win away from the Major. Similar to European RMR A, the group features 16 teams that will face each other across four days.

All teams need three wins to qualify for the Major, while the win-loss ratio will determine who will go how or the decider brackets. Team Vitality, Team Spirit, MOUZ and Cloud9 have won their first two matches and will face each other in round three.

Team Spirit, who were the recent champions of IEM Katowice, once again displayed a dominating performance as expected. Same with Team Vitality and Cloud9. MOUZ on the other hand did struggle a bit but managed to secure both matches.

Here are the Day 2 Round 3 matchups -

High Matches (2-0 Teams)

Team Vitality Vs Cloud9

MOUZ Vs Team Spirit

Mid-Matches (1-1 Teams)


Apeks Vs Monte

Astralis Vs Heroic

GamerLegion     Vs ENCE

Low Matches (0-2 Teams)

Guild Eagles Vs Nexus Gaming

Pera Esports Vs Preasy Esport

Since the High Matches and Low Matches are promotion and elimination, they will be played as best-of-three. Mid-matches will be best of one. Winners of the High Matches will move to the PGL Major, while the loser will move to Round 4 High Matches.

Round 3 Low Matches will also move to the Round 4 High Matches, while the losers will be eliminated. The same applies to Mid-Matches, with winners moving to the High Matches while losers move to the Low Matches.

With the conclusion of Round 3 on February 20, we will have the first two teams in PGL Major from the European RMR B along with the first two team eliminations.

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