All you need to know about MSI's first handheld gaming device

MSI's new handheld gaming device, MSI Claw, is finally revealed at CES 2024 and boasts impressive specs and the first-ever Intel CPU in a handheld device.

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MSI Claw

MSI's first handheld gaming device

After months of speculation, MSI has finally revealed their first handheld gaming device, rivalling the popular Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally. The reveal was done during the CSE 2024 along with specifications and price.

The device is named MSI Claw and going over the specifications, it certainly packs a punch. It is also surprisingly on par with its competitors in terms of pricing and provides a new option to choose from.

Here's what users get inside MSI Claw

MSI Claw is the first handheld device to use an Intel processor. It comes with Intel's new Meteor Lake processors of the Ultra series. The base model features an Intel Core Ultra 5 CPU that comes with 12 cores and a maximum frequency of 4.3 GHz.

For the higher-end model, the device comes equipped with an Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU. Noth comes with an integrated Arc Xe-LPG GPU with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage. The high-end model also has an option for 1TB storage.

As for the display, the players get a 7-inch FHD LCD screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. Paired with the latest DDR5 memory in both variants, the gaming experience should be much smoother. Users also get a new design featuring an RGB joystick.

Other features include a fingerprint sensor, Thunderbolt 4/USB Type-C port, SD card reader, and 53Wh battery. While on paper, the performance should at least be on par with its competitors, however, the actual performance will only be revealed after proper benchmarks. The price for the device is also kept in mind and matches the Asus ROG Ally, starting at $699. The Steam Deck, however, takes the competition in pricing, with its base model starting at $349 and the OLED model starting at $549. Although, the other devices also provide better specs than Steam Deck.

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