Modder creates Minesweeper inside Minecraft using Redstone

After Flappy Bird, Atari's Breakout, YouTuber and modder, mattbattwings have now created Minesweeper inside popular video game Minecraft using Redstone lamps

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Minecraft is a game of endless possibilities. Players can do a lot of things inside the game and this time around, a modder has created another game inside Minecraft. The game in talk here is Minesweeper.

Popular YouTuber Mattbattwings using Redstone, has created the classic minesweeper game released in 1990. For those who do not know, Minesweeper is an old arcade game where players try to uncover an entire tile without clicking the wrong one.

I made Minesweeper with just redstone!

by u/mattbatwings2 in Minecraft

It was created by Microsoft and shipped with Windows. However, the company decided to put it on the Microsoft Store after several iterations.

Along with showcasing the game, Matt even posted a video on YouTube explaining how he built the entire setup of the game. He also faced some limitations and found some workaround.

While it is a first for someone to create a minesweeper, others have also created many unique things inside Minecraft, including the Milky Way galaxy and an entire working 8-bit computer. Matt himself has created other games like Flappy Bird and MS Paint.

How does the game work?

The game is made on a giant Redstone display made up of Redstone lamps. These lamps display the numbers and the flag icon. Switching on the input will display how many mines are around.

One interesting thing Matt did was to create a Python script that allowed players to import minesweeper boards from an external website. Furthermore, players can also set mines using switches under the board. Needless to say, people are impressed once again

The game is constantly being updated and have come a long way from automatic opening doors to another game. Who knows what the devs will add in future, and what will players make using that?

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