ESL DreamLeague Season 22; Group stage teams and format overview

Have a look at the competing teams and gameplay format for the ESL DreamLeague Season 22, Day 1 concludes with multiple draws in both groups

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DreamLeague Season 22

Sixteen Dota 2 teams are now committed to the ESL DreamLeague Season 22 featuring a prize pool of $1 million. Day 1 for group stages concluded with a decent performance from most of the teams.

Matches are played as best-of-two, where teams can come two a draw by winning one map each. Currently, only G2.iG have suffered defeat in both of their matches, while none are able to win both matches. All other teams have at least one draw.

Currently, Group A saw BetBoom Team, OG, and Azure Ray on top while Group B saw Aurora, Shopify Rebellion, Team Spirit and Xtreme Gaming as top contenders. The top four teams from each group by the end of day 4 will move to group stage 2.

The Group Stage 2 will be played in a best-of-three format, eliminating any chance of draw. The top 4 team by the end of Group Stage 2 will move on to playoffs.

Here are the Day 1 standings

  • Group A

BetBoom Team : 1W-1D-0L

OG : 1W-1D-0L : 1W-1D-0L

Azure Ray : 0W-2D-0L

Heroic : 1W-0D-1L

Team Falcons : 0W-2D-0L

Gaimin Gladiators : 0W-1D-1L

G2.iG : 0W-0D-2L

  • Group B

Aurora : 1W-1D-0L

Shopify Rebellion : 1W-1D-0L

Team Spirit : 1W-1D-0L

Xtreme Gaming : 1W-1D-0L

1win : 0W-1D-1L

Team Liquid : 0W-1D-1L

Team Secret : 0W-1D-1L

Tundra Esports : 0W-1D-1L

Team Falcons and Team Liquid, who recently faced each other at the BetBoom Dacha Dubai, are yet to make any big moves. There are three more match days remaining, with five more matches for each team which give plenty of chance to secure a better spot.

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