EA reveals Plants vs Zombies 3 for mobile devices

Electronic Arts has finally revealed Plants vs Zombies 3 with classic gameplay and returning characters, however, the game is only available for mobile devices

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PvZ 3

Electronic Arts reveals Plant vs Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies 3 is finally taking place. However, the game will only be available for mobile devices. The game was announced through an official trailer showcasing the classic Plants vs. Zombies gameplay everyone once knew.

The game is currently in Early Access for select regions, including the UK, Netherlands, Australia, and Philippines. It is set to launch this year on both Android and iOS devices.

New story, Classic gameplay

The new instalment will feature the old gameplay of the original game. As per the announcement, the game is an episodic and story-driven experience with elements of puzzle and adventure.

Several old plants and characters are making a comeback, including Crazy Dave. Along with them, a ton of new characters, plants and zombies are also coming.

Since the game will be a free-to-play title, people are expecting a similar level of microtransactions in plagued games as Plants vs. Zombies 2. However, the monetization system of the new game remains to be seen.

As expected, fans are not very happy with the reveal. Here are the reasons why -

No PC port

The original game was made for PCs and provided with great story and gameplay. Fans of the series are complaining that the company brought back a new game this late, and that too on mobile devices only.

Current PvZ situation

Plants vs. Zombies was once an iconic game. However, Electronic Arts have turned the series into a microtransaction hellscape. Since the game is announced for mobile launch, fans are sure it will be a similar case for this one.

While one can argue that players can avoid the microtransactions, they are made in a way to be predatory towards players through reminders, etc. While everything will be revealed ultimately, players aren’t very confident for now.

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