Counter Strike 2 surprises players with a weird update

Trolls are having the time of their life as Valve release a hilarious update to Vertigo map amidst loads of other game breaking bugs and glitches

Sarah Andrew
New Update

Game updates are generally done to make improvements. In the case of multiplayer games, developers make balance changes and fix bugs. Since the release, Valve has also been working hard to fix multiple issues with Counter-Strike 2.

However, the most recent patch has players baffled as there is just one change mentioned. That too is nowhere important enough to be mentioned. While it is great that developers are letting people know of changes, an update this small is usually done without players noticing.

Amidst the ongoing Major qualifiers, the update patch note mentions ‘Fixed a gap in geometry’ in the Vertigo map, which by the way is not that famous to begin with. This is likely the one exploit revealed by professional player m0nesy.


However, fans are wondering what the developers are thinking with the update, as there is a lot more to worry about. Was the change even worth mentioning?

Multiple issues with CS2

The game is already plagued with a lot of game-breaking exploits like invisible players, sub-tick and worst of all, cheaters. While other bugs and exploits can be fixed fairly quickly, cheating is one of the biggest problems in-game.

Having cheaters is quite common in online games, however, whenever people hear Counter-Strike, they think of cheaters. Many of them do not even get banned until they reach among the top players in the leaderboard and push legit players off the ranks.

Players have now started joking about the update, calling it useless in front of all the major ongoing issues. Whatever the case may be, players can at least say goodbye to one more exploit in CS2.

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