Call of Duty reveals CoD Challengers 2024 season format

After a long wait, the format for the upcoming Call of Duty Challengers 2024 season is finally revealed, this time the event will only feature two Open tournaments.

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Call of Duty (Source: X)

Call of Duty Challengers 2024 is finally here and players across the globe are excited to take part and compete. While last year saw four Open tournaments, this year, fans have to make do with only two.

While not the biggest in scale or prize pool, the Call of Duty league is fairly enjoyed thanks to its massive community. This year also, it was one of the most anticipated announcements. Players can now finally prepare for the tournament matches.

Format of the game

  • Challengers Cups

A total of 11 cups will be taking place this season, with the first starting on January 20. Players who miss out will have a chance to participate and score points in others.

  • Challengers Open

The first Open will be hosted by the Boston Breach and will take place from January 26 to 28 at Major I. Seeding will be based on first Challengers Cup along with 10% of each player's 2023 Challenger points. The Second Open will be held by Toronto Ultra at Major III.

  • Challengers Elite

This year’s Challengers season will feature three Challengers Elite Seasons. This will include 12 teams, Six each from North America & Europe. The top eight teams will keep their spot after each season, however, Challengers Elite teams will not compete during the first week.

  • Challengers Finals

Finals will feature 16 teams, whose travel and accommodation will be covered by the league. Teams can qualify for Challengers Finals through the Regional Leaderboard or the Last Chance Qualifier.

The Regional Leaderboard will feature 10 teams (4 NA, 4 EU, 1 APAC, and 1 LATAM) while the Last Chance Qualifier will feature six teams (2 NA, 2 EU, 1 APAC, and 1 LATAM).

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