BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 Grand Finals Day 4 standings

The fourth day of BGMI Multiverse Series by Upthrust Esports saw a great performance from GodLike Esports that will put them in second position on the leaderboard

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BGMI Multiverse Series

The fourth day of the BGMI Multiverse Series grand finals saw some teams making a comeback while some top teams made a blunder and dropped ranks on the leaderboard.

Team Tamilas are not even breaking a sweat, taking back the top position. Godlike Esports in particular had performed well and pushed themselves to the second position. TeamXSpark has shown a decent performance but is still pushed back to the third spot.

Here are the overall team standings for Day 4 -

Team Tamilas - 215 points

GodLike Esports - 213 points

TeamXSpark - 212 points

Reckoning Esports - 203 points

Global Esports - 203 points

TWM Gaming - 194 points

Revenant Esports - 192 points

Orangutan - 186 points

Hydra - 172 points

Medal Esports - 171 points

8Bit - 164 points

Chemin Esports - 163 points

Entity Gaming - 158 points

Aslaaa Esports - 156 points

Team SouL - 140 points

WSB Gaming - 122 points

Medal Esports saw a rough day with only 16 points and dropped from third position to tenth. GodLike Esports on the other hand are out for blood. The team had the best games among all teams and scored 82 points without even winning a single match.

While Revenant Esports also had a decent run, they are being held back by their Day 1 match. Some other veteran teams like Team SouL, 8Bit and Orangutan also seem to be struggling.

Day 4 match winners

Match 1 - Chemin Esports with 36 points

Match 2 - Team XSpark with 26 points

Match 3 - Team Tamilas with 23 points

Match 4 - Reckoning Esports with 30 points

Match 5 - IQOO Soul with 26 points

Match 6 - Revenant Esports with 26 points

Top players after Day 4

Jonathan from GodLike Esports has been activated and is now on top with 37 finishes. The second position is still held by SprayGod from TeamXSpark with 36 finishes. Just one finish behind, Punk from Reckoning Esports now holds the third position with 35 finishes.

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