BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 Grand Finals Day 3 standings

BGMI Multiverse Series Grand Finals Day 3 saw an outstanding performance by Team XSpark who pushed themselves on top of the leaderboard from seventh position

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BGMI multiverse D3


The Multiverse Series is halfway done and with the end of day three, scoreboard rankings also saw changes. Team XSpark in particular has made a huge comeback and has sent the team on top of the leaderboard.

Other veteran teams like Team Tamilas, Medal Esports and a few others also performed well as usual. However, Team XSparks’ performance stole the limelight for Day 3 without winning a single match.

Here are the current overall rankings for Day 3

Team XSpark - 166 points

Team Tamilas - 164 points

Medal Esports - 155 points

Global Esports - 153 points

Orangutan - 148 points

8Bit - 148 points

TWM Gaming - 136 points

GodLike Esports - 131 points

Revenant Esports - 130 points

Reckoning Esports - 129 points

Aslaaa Esports - 128 points

Entity Gaming - 126 points

Hydra - 125 points

WSB Gaming - 109 points

Chemin Esports - 105 points

Team SouL - 89 points

Just like fans believed, it seems Team XSpark also did the same and jumped from seventh position to the top in a single day. Scoring a whopping 72 total points, the team just made the tournament even more competitive.

Although Team Tamilas, Medal Esports and Global Esports are not far behind, they will now have to take the matches more seriously as the tournament is about to reach its conclusion. Team SouL on the other hand is yet to reach three digits.

Match winners for Day 3

Match 1 - Hydra Esports with 23 points

Match 2 - Revenant Esports with 31 points

Match 3 - Aslaa Esports with 25 poiints

Match 4 - Reckoning Esports with 23 points

Match 5 - Global Esports with 22 points

Match 6 - Aslaa Esports with 19 points

Top players after Day 3 concluded

Beast from Global Esports remains on top with 31 finishes to his name. The second position is retained by SprayGod from Team XSpark with 30 finishes. The third position, however, is now held by 8Bit Mighty with 28 finishes.

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