Astralis faces major setback in final round of PGL CS2 Major EU RMR

Third loss at the PGL CS2 Major EU RMR sends Astralis to the decider bracket for one last shot at PGL Major, will face five more teams from same region

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PGL CS2 Major

The final day for PGL CS2 Major European RMR B concludes and Astralis loses their chance to qualify for the Major. Instead, the team will now move to the decider brackets and fight against five other teams for a single spot.

Astralis Matched with ENCE who were also fighting with the same motivation. Fans expected a tough matchup. However, Astralis was dominated by ENCE who did not leave the slightest chance for a comeback.

On the other side, HEROIC also defeated GamerLegion while ECSTATIC managed to best Guild Eagles to also qualify for the Major on the final day of RMRs B. With round 5 ending, we now have our next eight teams qualifying for the PGL Major.

Here are all the qualifying teams -



Team Vitality

Team Spirit





RMR Decider

With both RMRs concluded, there is still one more spot left for the Major in the European region. This spot will be filled by one of the six teams competing in the decider brackets.

The decider brackets are kind of last-chance qualifiers with no second chances. The matches will be played in two stages. Stage 1 will be played in a single elimination bracket with three winners. Stage 1 matches will take place from February 23.

These three winners will then move to Stage 2 which will feature a single elimination gauntlet. Teams will be placed in their brackets through Buchholz score system.

This means that teams will also have to maintain a good score. The team with the highest score will start from Round 2 while the other two will be in Round 1.

Here are the matchups for decider brackets -

Astralis Vs 9Pandas

BetBoom Team Vs Guild Eagles

Fnatic Vs GamerLegion

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