WATCH: Marcus Rashford scores during Manchester Derby from 25 yards

England and Manchester United player Marcus Rashford lit up the Manchester Derby (against Manchester City) on March 3 at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

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Marcus Rashford scored from 25 yards distance

Marcus Rashford scored from 25 yards distance

England and Manchester United player Marcus Rashford lit up the Manchester Derby (against Manchester City) on March 3 at Etihad Stadium, Manchester. In the eighth minute of the game, the Three Lions international scored a goal as he was assisted by Bruno Fernandes. The former scored from 25 years away from the goal and the fans couldn't believe it.

This goal was initially checked by the referees to determine whether Fernandes was in off-side position but he was cleared. This goal gave a lead to the Red Devils and they went into the first half with a lead. However, the defending champions, City managed to make a comeback in the second half. The likes of Phil Foden (56', 80') and Erling Haaland (90'+1') helped the team win the game by 3-1.

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Listen, I am not a perfect person: Marcus Rashford

Meanwhile, recently, Rashford addressed the rumors about his lack of commitment to the Red Devils.

“Listen, I’m not a perfect person,” Rashford wrote for the Players’ Tribune. “When I make a mistake, I’ll be the first one to put my hand up and say I need to do better.”

“But if you ever question my commitment to Man United, that’s when I have to speak up. It’s like somebody questioning my entire identity and everything I stand for. I grew up here. I have played for this club since I was a boy. My family turned down life-changing money when I was a kid so I could wear this badge. Football can be a bubble. I have tried to stay a normal person, keep my same friends. I have tried my best not to change, even when I’m on a night out or on holiday,” he added.

He also spoke about people taking his campaign against child poverty during COVID-19 in 2020.

“I think some of it goes back to the pandemic. I was just trying to use my voice to make sure kids weren’t going hungry, because I know how it feels,” Rashford wrote.

“For some reason, that seemed to rub certain people (up) the wrong way. It seems they’ve been waiting for me to have a human moment so they can point the finger and say, “See? See who he really is?”

“I can take any criticism. But if you start questioning my commitment to this club and my love for football and bringing my family into it, then I’d simply ask you to have a bit more humanity,” he added.

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